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2022 DOG JOG
150 Mile Challenge

An Adventure for you & your fur-baby!
Run or Walk 150 miles together in 3 months

SOLD OUT ~ We hope you can join us next year!

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When & Where: This is a virtual challenge. Participate and complete from anywhere in the world from Sept 3 - Dec 3

How: You'll log or sync your running, walking or hiking miles to the live RunSignUp leaderboard for a fun competition.


Rewards: You and your doggo(s) will each receive a medal, a hands-free leash, sponsor goodies, and free shipping to your door by Sept 25th!

This event will benefit the "Animal Love Rescue Center"

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$54 for you and your dog!

- HUGE Finisher's Medal for you

- Finisher's Medal for your dog's collar

- Durable Hands-free Leash

- Ultima Replenisher Hydration Pack

- Mileage Tracking for Individuals and Teams

- Live Leaderboard (syncing available!)

- Milestone Achievement Awards

- Personalized Finisher's Certificate
- Free shipping (USA only)

- Charitable donation to the Animal Love Rescue Center!

**If you have more than 1 dog, you can purchase an extra Dog Collar Medal when you register!


You and your doggo(s) will PROUDLY wear these Finisher's Medals to commemorate your accomplishment together. Your medal can be worn around your neck and your doggies medal can be worn on his/her collar - it's one size fits all collars!

Dog medals (1).png


All participants will receive this AWESOME and very durable HANDS-FREE LEASH for running, walking, and hiking with your fur-baby! Adjustable waist belt and suitable leash for all dogs and their collars. The leash is 3.5' and stretches to 4' for optimal control and safety. You can also use as a traditional leash as well! The color of the leash will be LIME GREEN & BLACK! 

Hands free leash 3.png


Sept 3 to Dec 3, 2022

*If you're registered, please check your email (or spam folder) for the "Instructions & Details" emailIf you didn't receive it, please email immediately or click the "Event Instructions" button at the top of the page.


Ready to emBARK on a new adventure with your 4-legged bestie? This will PAWSitively be some of the best memories you'll have with your fur-baby and you'll have the Medals to show for it!

You and your doggo(s) will have 3 months to run, walk, or hike 150 miles together from ANY LOCATION! That's 1.66 miles a day each on average.


**Please note this is not COMBINED mileage! For example, if you walk 2 miles with your dog, it's 2 miles towards the 150 miles, not 4 miles. 

HAVE MORE THAN 1 DOG? When you register, you'll have the option of purchasing additional Dog Collar Medals for $10/piece.


We'll be using RunSignUp/RaceJoy for the virtual leaderboard results! You'll have the option to either SYNC your miles with the RaceJoy App or MANUALLY enter in your miles ~ Syncing and Manual entries will both upload to the same RunSignUp Leaderboard! The leaderboard will be LIVE and you'll be able to see where you stack up against your fellow competitors and upload photos of your 150 mile journey! The leaderboard is based on distance, not pace. This is about endurance, not speed. You will receive awards on your results page as you pass through the different milestones.


There will be a FUN prize package for the top 3 finishers and their doggos! 


Registration will close September 3rd @ 11:59pm and you'll have until December 3rd, 2022 to complete the challenge.


Earn a FREE ENTRY to this event in 3 easy steps:

1. Email us ( for a personalized discount code

2. Share that code with friends, family, run club, social media, etc.

3. Once 7 people use your code, we'll give you a FREE ENTRY (or a refund if you're already registered)



FREE shipping for USA orders. International participants are welcome, but an additional $25 shipping fee will apply at the time of registration. Once your package is shipped, you'll receive an email with a tracking number. All packages will be shipped by Sept 25th!

To compete for awesome PRIZES, follow and tag @virtualrunlife on Facebook and/or Instagram, or email your photos to


We are proud to announce our partnership with ANIMAL LOVE RESCUE CENTER, a non-profit founded in 2005 by 15 life-long friends, who had all had a passion for saving animals and has grown into a large scale rescue and shelter for over 1200 animals, including dogs, cats and farm animals, such as geese, ducks, chickens, sheep, goats, and even rabbits and hamsters! This facility was named "Animal Love" because it was their mission to create a loving home to all the unwanted animals - abandoned, stray, sick, malnourished, injured, abused, and neglected. Most of the animals live at the Rescue for the rest of their life as one big happy family with only a few that are rehomed and adopted. This nonprofit is founded on the belief that all animals deserve loving, respectful treatment, good medical care and nutrition. 

With currently over 500 doggies, Animal Love needs all the help it can get! 100% of your donation will help pay for needed surgeries, spay/neuter procedures, food, bedding, medicine, vaccinations, toys, blankets etc. Animal Love Rescue Center also educates the surrounding communities on animal cruelty prevention and will help provide food and medical care for impoverished families that have a pet in need. 

More Info and volunteer opportunities:

Animal Love Rescue Center Video:

An adventure awaits...

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105 12th St. SE, Unit 948

Bandon, Oregon 97411



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