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How does a Virtual Fitness Challenge event work?

Roughly every 4 months, we open registration for a new virtual fitness challenge. Each challenge is different in distance, rules, theme, and swag! You can join our mailing list to stay up to date on the latest challenges & get awesome discounts. 

Once you register for a challenge, you'll receive a confirmation email right away.  About 1 week before the challenge begins, we'll send out an instructional email with all the details and links. This is the best time to change divisions or make any changes, which is always free of charge. 

PERMITTED ACTIVITIES: All challenges can be completed by running, walking, or hiking the miles. Some challenges have a separate division if you'd like to bike, swim, row, etc as well. Just check the details on the webpage to see what activities are permitted for that particular challenge.


Once the challenge begins, you can use whatever GPS tracking app or device you prefer to manually log your miles into the RunSignUp leaderboard or you can use the RACEJOY APP to sync your miles to the live leaderboard. Once your miles and time are logged, you'll automatically appear on the leaderboard, which shows your progress and places you on the leaderboard against the other challengers. Leaderboard ranking is based on distance, not pace. So, the fastest challengers aren't necessarily going to be in first place.

As you log miles throughout the challenge, you'll hit milestones and receive digital badges that will appear in your results profile. You can upload photos and send us photos to be featured on our social media pages! This is fun because it inspires other challengers to keep going. These challenges aren't easy! Once you complete the goal, your ranking on the leaderboard will be locked into place. 


Towards the end of the challenge, we will mail you the finisher’s medal and gear to your home at no charge. Additional shipping fees apply to international participants. You can also print your Finisher's Certificate as you've earned some serious bragging rights!


How do teams work? 

Teams are a fun way to take part in the virtual fitness challenge events!

Each team member is required to purchase their own entry into the challenge. Each team member will receive their own medal and gear package in the mail towards the end of the challenge.


Teams can divide up the miles however they'd like! Each time a team member logs their miles and those miles will be allocated to your team's total distance. You will also be able to see information about your own achievements and rankings separate from the team. **The distance doesn’t have to be divided evenly among team members, so this is perfect for families with young children or family members that can only contribute a smaller amount of miles.

Can I change divisions?

Yes, at anytime throughout any virtual fitness challenge event you can switch divisions. For example, we have challenges that have 100, 250 or 500 mile divisions. If you registered for the 500 mile division, but want to downgrade to the 250 mile division, just email us and we'll do that free of charge. Same goes if you want to upgrade your division.

Can I walk? 

Of course! All challenges can be completed by running, jogging, walking, hiking, treadmills, ellipticals, etc. Some challenges allow cycling and other activities such as sports (tennis, basketball, baseball), swimming, rowing, and snowshoeing).


How can I track my distance & time? 

The most accurate way to do this is by using a GPS app or fitness device like the RaceJoy App, Garmin, Strava or Apple watch.  Devices like Fitbit can be used and 10,000 steps = 5 miles. For some challenges, such as the 2023 Challenge, Crossfit activity can be converted to miles. For example, for every 100 calories burned in Crossfit, that's equal to 1 mile.


How do I submit my results? 

The steps to logging miles manually will be in the Event Instructions that will be emailed to you 1 week before the challenge begins. It's very simple and efficient taking just under 2 minutes. If you use the RaceJoy App, you don't need to manually log your miles as the app does that for you.


When do I receive my challenge package? 

Challenge packages with your Finisher's Medal & Goods are shipped out towards the end of each challenge. Each challenge has a different shipping date, but all the packages for each challenge are shipped together at one time BEFORE the end of the event.

Is shipping included? International shipping? 

Yes, shipping is included for all DOMESTIC destinations. If you live internationally, there is an additional shipping fee, depending on where you live. Please email to find out the exact cost.

What about cheaters? 

We do have a number of ways that we can detect mistake or dishonest mileage entries. If someone wants to cheat then they are only really cheating themselves and wasting their money. We monitor all the mileage submissions in RunSignUp and if something seems "off", we will email or call that person to verify their miles through their GPX or .FIT files that are stored with most tracking apps and devices.


For prizes, we will require the winners to submit their GPX or .FIT files to us for review as well as research their in-person race results.

How big are the medals? 

All of our medals are at least 3.5″ to 5" in diameter and come with full color sublimated ribbons. They are all unique, gorgeous and well earned!


Do you offer Group Discounts?

Yes, please email

Any unanswered questions? Please email and we'll respond typically within 2-4 hours.


Our Address:

105 12th St. SE, Unit 948

Bandon, Oregon 97411



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